What The Professionals Say:

Nora Waugh, Former Strategic Manager, Education, Durham County Council

I always love coming here. Every time I come there is something new and exciting. I learn something or see things in a different way. Lovely.

Helen Nixon, Operational Lead, Education, Durham County Council

Thanks to all for such an interesting and exciting morning; the passion and enthusiasm for making a difference to children and families continues to ensure that this nursery is a joy to visit / be part of and helps me to reflect and support others.

Kind Words From Our Parents:

Lorie, Helen and Michael Ward

To everyone at Giant steps I don’t have the words to say how grateful I am to all of you who have cared for Lorie. Bringing her here at 11months and I had no idea who she would grow to be. You have nurtured, cared, taught and laughed with her to make her a confident, bright, independent little girl. I know Lorie has her “development areas” J but you have shown nothing but patience, understanding and love for her. She talks about you all constantly and I worry how much she will miss you. But you couldn’t of prepared her better for the big wide world !!. I hope you all have happy memories of her because we have of you.

Michael and Jane Neasham

To everyone at Giant Steps: Thank you for looking after our girls and giving them a fantastic start to begin school. Absolutely brilliant staff, setting and atmosphere.
Michael and Jane Neasham (Delilah and Clementine’s mum and dad)

Helen, Sean and Orla

11th June 2012-20th July 2016-07-20 You’ve looked after Orla Cait for 4 years and almost 6 weeks ! In that time you’ve become part of the family, alongside the friends she has made. Thank you for all the memories you’ve given her, for all the fun you’ve helped her have and for each time you’ve taught her something new. We really appreciate everything you’ve done for Orla and were all going to miss you

Harry Cobb

To All the staff: Thank you for helping me learn my letters, sounds and numbers and thank you very much for my picture and book. All of you at my nursery are very special teachers. I wanted you to know what fun it was being at your nursery. How fast the time goes. Thank you for helping me to learn all that I know. I will always remember you all through the years that I grow. I will miss you all being my teachers. I know the reason for feeling so sod because now we have to say goodbye.

Love from Katie and Alfie

Julie I personally wanted to say thank you for caring for my little boy. He really took a shine to you and it was lovely to see his friendship with you. When you went on maternity he carried your picture everyday, I’m sure it was his way of asking where you where. I even heard him say your name a few times which is a massive thing when he cant say man or dad you obviously made a big impression on him. Thank you for caring for him and accepting him for the beautiful little boy he is.

Katherine Urwin

I can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort you put in with Rhys. You have helped bring him up to be the lovely little boy that he is and I will always be grateful for that. I know that had I not moved him to receive his education from you, he would not have achieved so much – you should all feel proud! I will never forget everything you have done!

Miss Chapman

I am extremely pleased with the staff at Giant Steps, they have been an excellent influence on Eva’s development. They provide her with excellent experiences which have developed her interests. She is becoming better at interacting with other children and her speech is developing due to the hard work and dedication from the staff. They are always friendly, willing to help and make Eva feel at ease as soon as she walks through the doors each morning. The facilities and learning journey’s are excellent. Eva loves being here and I’m sure she will be sad to leave when she starts school.

Kirsty Adam

Mason loves the meals at nursery and I love the healthy and varied options.
I think there is excellent play, creative and educational resources available for Mason to play with.
Kirsty Adam- Mason’s mummy

Emma and Richard Wilson

Thank you for the excellent level of care and education you have all provided for Eva and Isabella. They have made significant progress in their time spent at nursery.

Fiona and Steve Scott

Thank you to all the staff at Giant Steps for taking such good care of Matthew over the last three years. It has been very much appreciated and I know he has enjoyed his time here with you all. I have to also thank you for the super lunches “Cous cous and tuna fish cakes” he loved them all.

Rophas Ndlovu

I think the service you provide is excellent. I couldn’t ask for more. My child is content and to be content at her age is evidence of good care. I love the ethos and nurturing environment at the nursery
Rophas Ndlovu -Mya’s mummy

Eleanor Victor Amy and Abigail

Eleanor has been coming here since January 2014. Every time I collected her she is happy, smiling and eager to tell me about all the fun she has had. She has even been known to wake me up at 3am shouting “CAN I GO TO NURSERY NOW “!!! Thank you for the care and attention you have shown my child, who has enjoyed her time here immensely and grown in confidence. In Eleanor’s words ” YEAH! NURSERY! I LOVE MY NURSERY!”
Eleanor, Victor, Amy and Abigail

Helen Ward

Thank you so much for the last 14 months I honestly couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for your patience, knowledge, kindness and guidance its been invaluable to both Lorie and myself. We wish Hannah every success in the future and know that you will play a very important part in a lot of children’s life, we will miss you love Lorie and Helen. Helen Ward – Lorie Wards Mum