Community Library

Giant Steps Nursery - Our Community Library

Research shows that children who enjoy reading are three times more likely to have positive mental well being.

Introducing children to reading early in life has many advantages, ‘Neurological’, ‘Educational’, ‘Psychological’, ‘Social’ and ‘Linguistic’ brightening future prospects and unlocking new worlds and endless possibilities.

Here at Giant Steps, Haswell, we have created a ‘Community’ library and learning space to help close the ‘word gap’, promote social and bonding opportunities, support community links and bring together a lifelong love of literature.

We view our community library as a ‘3rd environment’, next to our homes (being our 1st environment) and our workplace / nursery (being our 2nd environment).

The concept was to provide our community users with a free engaging space to promote social interactions for all ages.
The ambience of the library creates a conducive environment to enjoy a wide range of books from different genres for both adults and children alike.

We operate on an honesty basis, where books can be loaned and returned when finished; no time limit, thus giving freedom and flexibility.

Thanks to the generous donations of our community members we have a vast catalogue on offer which is rotated regularly ensuring all users retain a healthy love of literacy. Having a space where the sole purpose is to engage with words and pictures, to create memories that last a lifetime, is a delight not to be given away.

Enjoy Your Library