Home Learning

Home Learning

We strive to build and maintain a sound and effective relationship with each and every parent. We’ll aim to work closely with you, complementing your approach to childcare, whilst offering support and new opportunities to participate in your child’s learning.

Research has found that what you do at home with your baby or young child has a real and lasting impact on their well being and education. We therefore encourage you to become involved in every stage of their learning and development. This process enables staff to draw on children’s interests and experiences at home so that they can be incorporated into their learning at nursery.

As your child develops staff will regularly liaise with you offering suggestions, information and advice on what you can be doing at home to extend and reinforce their learning.

Our home learning bags and boxes are specifically designed to support your child in learning new skills with the support and encouragement of loved ones. Enabling children to take home their favourite sacks or resources of interest will further aid your child in learning new skills.  Skills such as reading, writing, colour, shape and letter recognition, sounds, new vocabulary, social and sensory skills can be developed and improved through setting to home experiences.

Included in every sack is a sheet which allows you to tell us how you and your child enjoyed the resources and what significant impact/positive outcome you feel it may have had on your child’s well being, development or interests.  This information allows the Giant Steps team, to plan activities and interests relevant to your child helping them to grow and develop in a fun way! This allows a two way communication process to take place enabling a holistic approach to support and extend your child’s individual learning and development.

Every term an informal meeting will be held in a relaxed environment at a time which is suitable to you. Here we will discuss your child’s current interests and level of progress. Your child’s learning journey and other documentary evidence will be presented which will explain where your child is within their learning and development and what they are working towards with our combined support.

These meetings are informative and beneficial to both staff and parents, as discussions take place from both perspectives, allowing a holistic overview of the child.

Home Learning

Giant Steps have also developed a range of ‘home learning leaflets’ here are a few examples….
  • The benefits of malleable play
  • Story Time At Home
  • The theory of loose parts play
  • The benefits of block play
  • Squeeze and snap dough
  • This is the way we cross the road
  • Scissor chant
  • The benefits of treasure basket play
  • Meet the shapes
  • Manners song
  • Three brown bears
For copies or any other information please speak to a member of our team.